Five Powers

Fundamental Capacities for Meeting the Challenges and Opportunities of Life with Skill and Freedom

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The Five Powers

Fundamental Capacities for Meeting the Challenges and Opportunities of Life with Skill and Freedom.

This course is associated with our new book: Stephen Fulder and Alessandro Sanna: The Five Powers: A Guide to Personal Peace and Freedom. Astar/an imprint of Hachette UK. 2020

How can we surf the waves of change rather than be submerged by them? How can we rise above the conflicts and unhappiness that can assail us, meeting them from a more expansive and equanimous place? How do we perform a restart? Is it possible to radically transform our daily life? How do we emerge from this sense of endless struggle? How can we invite deeper meaning and more ease, steadiness, and freedom into our lives?

The Buddhist teaching of The Five Powers - Trust, Energy, Mindfulness, Calm and Wisdom - (Bala in the Pali language) are the basic equipment that we all need to transform our life. They are the essence of Buddhist inspired teachings, highly developed, extraordinarily effective and sophisticated. Mindfulness is just one of the five. The other four are equally powerful and effective, but less examined.

The Five Powers work together to amplify and empower each other. They have been described as five horses working together to skillfully draw the carriage of our being to states of contentment and liberation. Mindfulness is the lead horse, showing the way. Behind it, Trust and Wisdom are paired, and then the two steeds of Energy and Steadiness. It is obvious that these powers need to be balanced. For example, without trust, steadiness and concentration can be mechanical and limited; trust or faith without steadiness can lead us to fruitlessly chase the rainbow.

There are 8 video talks and 8 guided meditations as well as a variety of practical exercises and reading materials, to help apply the teachings to our daily life. You can meet Stephen online.

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Stephen Fulder
Stephen Fulder

Stephen Fulder, Ph.D, is one of Israel’s leading spiritual teachers, founder of the Israel Insight Society (Tovana). He has been teaching Buddhist teachings and meditation practice to thousands of people over the last 25 years. He draws on 40 years of deep personal experience of Vipassana/ Mindfulness meditation and dharma practice. He brings the immeasurable wisdom of the Buddhist tradition, to help us to rediscover the great heart and big mind that lies just under the surface.

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